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Why You May Be Missing a Crucial Component When Setting up Your Home Theatre

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If you've always dreamed of having a home theatre, you may have just finished converting a spare room in your house into just such a haven. You've installed the soundproofing, fitted the theatre style seats and have already purchased the super-sized screen or big TV. Now you're looking at your audio equipment and on your list is a set of speaker stands so that you can direct the audio at the right level. However, you may be overlooking a significant additional component which will make all the difference when it comes to sound quality. What is this?

Stand Filler

Whenever you get speaker stands, you must make sure that they are 'filled'. While some will already come with filler installed, a large number of them will not, so you need to take action if you're going to try and achieve optimum sound.

To begin with, filler will make the stand a lot more stable when you fit the speaker on top. This will not only make the room safer, but it will prevent the speakers from moving back and forth when they are in use and the volume is high. You should have some spikes on the bottom of your stands, which will also help to reduce any distortion.

How to Fill Stands

To fill each stand, you will need to remove the top plate and use a funnel of some kind. Make sure that you put something on the floor to catch any overspill and keep pets and children out of the way. You can use a variety of different materials to fill the stands such as sand, lead shot, uncooked rice and even cat litter. As you work away, fill each leg slowly and make sure that you test the output as you go. Don't be tempted to simply fill it up to the top, connect everything and be done with the job, as you'll want to fine tune it to your requirements.

Why Take Action?

One of the key reasons for setting up a home theatre system is to enjoy the depth of that bass. When you fill the stand, it will make the base sound tighter and prevent any distortion or echoing. You can adjust the final result by adding or subtracting a certain amount of fill to each stand. This will also affect the delivery and it's very much a personal choice.

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