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Top Tips When Buying Document Management Software

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Most business people will admit that they often experience document management challenges. In most cases, it is difficult to access physical copies since they are often scattered in the various departments. On the other hand, soft copies could land in the wrong hands since they can easily be duplicated, phished or sent through an E-mail. For this reason, your businesses should invest in a professional document management program. 

Document management software allows you to store your documents under the same roof. Therefore, it becomes easy to access documents through the company portal or the cloud. Physical copies are easily uploaded to the portal through scanning. You could destroy sensitive copies or store them in a secure location as a backup. If you intend to purchase document management software, this guide discusses some considerations you should make when buying the system. 

On-Premises versus Cloud Document Management Software

On-premises management software is one where you use the company servers and network to store your documents. Conversely, a cloud-based system holds your documents in an online portal. Although each software is highly effective, you should examine your company's needs to determine which software will work best. For instance, on-premises software gives you absolute control of your data since your IT department will run the software. Its downside is that it is costly, given you need infrastructure and a dedicated team to run the software. The primary benefit of cloud-based software is that it can be accessed remotely. Besides, it is typically cheaper since you do not require physical infrastructure. However, its downside is that it is quite susceptible to online threats such as hacking and phishing. 

System Features

Consider the following when buying the system: 

  • Security: The system should have state-of-the-art encryption capabilities. This enables you to restrict access to highly confidential documents.
  • Storage: How much storage does the system have? Expandable storage allows you to store tons of data without having to delete old documents.
  • Ease of use: An internal search engine will enable you to access documents easily.
  • Integration: The document management software should easily integrate with other business software such as accounting, enterprise resource management and customer relationship management software. 

Manufacturer Support 

As a general rule, you should consider systems that come with manufacturer support services such as warranties, installation and maintenance. It ensures you have an easy time using the system. For example, the manufacturer could offer free training to ensure your staff can operate and maintain the system. Finally, compare the pricing of the various software on the market. 

When buying a document management software, choose an appropriate system, determine the required features and ask for manufacturer support. Keep these tips in mind when looking for document management software near you.