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Keeping your neighbourhood safe

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Every year in Australia, hundreds of families are affected by burglaries, trespassing, assaults and other crimes in their homes and neighbourhoods. Not only does this often result in significant damage and financial losses, but it also triggers severe emotional stress that can take months to overcome with the help of therapy. While today there are a number of ways to protect your own home from intrusion, including the installation of security measures and systems such as alarms, security screens and windows, CCTV camera networks, reinforced doors and more, few things can be as reassuring as living in a community where all residents collectively discuss their concerns and cooperate to safeguard everyone that lives there. Here's some tips about how to ensure your neighbourhood is one that prioritises community security.

Befriend your neighbours

Before any sort of dialogue about neighbourhood security can begin, you need to make the effort to go out and introduce yourself to your neighbours. While doing so, you can share and discuss any security strategies you'd like to employ in the future. Being friendly with your neighbour also means they are more likely to report suspicious activity if they see it outside of your home. No one wants their friends to be the victims of crime. If, after a while, you trust one another, you could even ask your neighbours to keep an eye on and check up on your home when you're away for extended periods of time. 

Create a community watch group

It's smart to first check whether a neighbourhood watch group already exists in your area. If not, consider asking your neighbours whether they'd be interested in starting one. The simple act of having regular conversations about community security improves people's peace of mind. It also ensures that you hold one another accountable and encourages a collective effort to be as vigilant as possible. Even if you only meet once every one or two months, creating a community watch group is worth it. Sharing your phone numbers means you'll always be able to report sketchy activity to one another if it arises. 

Secure your home and encourage others to do so too

Make sure your own home is secure by installing a few security systems to keep you safe. Security screens over your windows, strong doors, reinforced locks and regularly inspected alarm systems not only make it harder for would-be burglars to get into your home but also discourage them from trying in the first place. If you can convince your entire neighbourhood to adopt similar measures, troublemakers are less likely to target your area as a whole.