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The future of mobile whiteboards

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Gone are the days of chalk on dusty blackboards in the classroom. There was nothing wrong with blackboards per se, but after plenty of use it would become difficult to read the board, and usually they were stuck to the wall or the mobile versions were cumbersome—the opposite of all the benefits of using a mobile whiteboard. There are many benefits to whiteboards, which we'll look at as well as investigate the many different versions available and how adaptable they are.

The Future

We are living in a technological revolution. Technology is moving faster than it ever has before. Ever since the birth of the Internet, technology has burst forth as the leading industry. Things have moved on where mobile whiteboards can now be fully interactive. Interactive whiteboards still seem pretty new, but now all interactive elements can be incorporated to be mobile, which is absolutely fantastic for all business or classroom needs. 

The Benefits

  1. Flexibility - The benefits of flexibility is multi-faceted. Not only can it be more student facing in it's position in the classroom, but it also means that the teacher never has to have his back to the class as he can control the interactive functions remotely. This is true of any learning situation whether it is a school, university or business training course. It's also flexible in allowing for many different teaching methods throughout the lessons—thus allowing for students to learn in different ways, be that through streaming videos as learning tools, accessing websites and swapping resources and work with students in a live online environment. Linking to the web in power points is also made easier to shoot off in a different direction or look at an example of something you're discussing. It makes everything faster, since things can be done at a click of a button, making it feel like there are no boundaries to learning because of the amount of flexibility.
  2. Diversity - Whether the learner is auditory, kin-aesthetic or visual, you can differentiate your session to match the skills of your class with a mobile whiteboard.
  3. Network access - In a school setting this can be used for easier access to sharing good practice throughout your establishment. Access to the network from any point with your wireless whiteboard will make it easier to share resources with colleagues.

Many places of learning and training companies are using these advancements in mobile whiteboards. As you can see they offer a enriched environment for learning and a step into the future for both the teacher and the learner.