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Components of your wireless indoor CCTV security system

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Need an efficient way to keep an eye on all the corners of your large house? A wireless indoor CCTV system is just right for you. You can understand how the system functions if you know exactly what you have to buy. This will also help you to select the best retailers to visit as you have all the accessories of the system in mind. If you are contemplating installing one inside your home, you will have to buy the following:

Network Video Recorder

The network video recorder records the footage taken by each of the cameras and stores them in a database where they are retrievable for use in the future. They use various technologies to compress the footage and optimise the usage of the available storage space. Therefore, it is easy to archive the videos and sort through them in case there is a need to retrieve any of them. The recorder also makes them accessible through the internet, which offers increased flexibility when it comes to monitoring.

Wireless cameras

Wireless cameras connect with each other using Wi-Fi. There is no need for wired connections, which is an added advantage to the system as it reduces the number of system accessories that you will have to buy. Wireless cameras give you the freedom to install them at various points in the house, especially those you feel need a close watch. They are available with a diverse ability of performance features, including night and day functionality, resolution in high definition television, and megapixel resolution.

There is no need to buy the same type of cameras for the whole security system. You can reduce your costs by buying high definition cameras to serve large rooms and spaces in the house while the low definition cameras still work well in small rooms.

Wireless access point

A wireless access point enables the cameras in the system to connect to the security network through Wi-Fi. It transmits the data between the devices such as the cameras and the video recorder. You can customise your system to include other devices such as your personal computers through Wi-Fi.

Wireless transceiver and IP camera

The wireless transceiver and IP camera transmit information over a fast Ethernet connection. They centralise the data from the other cameras, enabling you to monitor the house from a particular location that you deem fit and convenient.

The monitor

The monitor is placed in an ideal central location that you can access regularly for ease of monitoring the house. Various resolution lines are available to improve the quality of the pictures that you are viewing.

Be keen to buy the right type of components based on the nature of the system that you need to install. You can minimise the expenditure on components such as high resolution cameras by getting alternative ones offering similar quality service depending on the space it covers.

If you feel you cannot install this yourself, consider contacting a company that specializes in home security alarm systems