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Security Systems | 3 Alarm Systems To Securitise Your Home Windows

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Owning a home requires you to consider several factors, including its security. While many homeowners tend to focus on all-round security systems to protect their doorways, they tend to forget that windows are key entry points for burglars. Windows tend to be weak points because they are easy to open if you don't have grilles or security bars, so use these ideal strategies to securitise your home windows.

Window Sensor Alarm System

A good idea is to install a sensor alarm over your windows. This will detect when a window is being opened or broken into from outside. Once the sensor detects unlawful entry, it will sound off an alarm to warn you and your family of imminent danger. Window sensors utilise magnetic circuit breakers to create invisible contact when windows are shut on frames. The action of a burglar trying to open the window breaks this contact –– activating the alarm. You can find window sensor alarms at local home improvement stores for installing on your own. If you're looking for more specialised sensor alarms, contact a security company, such as Pro-Tect Security Management, to install them on all the windows in your home.

Infrared Window Alarm Systems

An infrared window alarm system goes one step further than a window sensor alarm. These types of security systems use infrared motion detectors to monitor the space around your windows. If any motion is detected around the window before it is opened or broken into, the alarm will go off –– so it's unlikely that a burglar will even reach your window with these security systems installed. A wireless window alarm with an infrared system has risen in popularity because it can be used on any window and is easy to install on your own. Infrared sensors can detect body heat when a person reaches its field of view with minimal false alarms through advances in technology.

Glass-Breaking Detectors

A glass-breaking detector is usually a wireless device that is especially designed to identify the shattering glass of a window. The glass-break detector recognizes the patterns of broken glass to provide superior detection. Technological advances have reduced the chances of false alarms, making them an excellent choice to protect your windows from being broken. Glass breakage detectors are best installed on a wall that is either adjacent or opposite your windows for the best detection outcome. These detectors are easy to install on your own, or you can get your security company to install them for you for a professional job.

These security systems for your windows are perfect when you want to deter burglars and intruders from getting into your home.